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Sunday, December 18, 2011

right now...

weekly sunday post!

right now i am…
watching:  well i had to pause and pull out the i-pad. i had almost forgotten about this weekly post. i had to pause miracle on 34th street. love it. 
eating:  a frito pie, yum.
drinking:  fresca
wearing: PJ's, thick socks...I'm cold!
avoiding:  MY LAUNDRY! it's time. i'm starting to run out of socks and some undergarments...LOL.
feeling: blessed and loved :)
missing:  my husband. spend too much time with him this weekend, that when he's not around for acouple of hours I miss him dearly.
thankful:  for all my wonderful friends that came to support the paper passion/Blossom open house. I love them!
weather:  again, BI-POLAR; cold, rain,hot, warm, cold....BLAH!
praying: for all those young kids who don't have a family this time of year.
needing:  to stay away from the cupcakes in my kitchen
thinking: is it going to rain again because my car really needs a wash...
loving: LIFE!

and you?  what are you up to?

i know i said no blogging on sundays but if there's time, why not!

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