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Sunday, December 11, 2011

right now

stole this idea from lindsay, who got it from a bunch of other bloggers around the internets:
right now i am…
watching:  gilmore girls. during the day it's all i watch. at night, totally different story. i keep up with all my favorite reality shows, the real housewives is my favorite, all cities.
eating:  just finished a chorizo & egg taco.
drinking:  COFFEE!
wearing: my favorite PJ's. gray flannel. the top have a pocket which is great for carrying my cell phone, candy, kleenex...you know small important things!
avoiding:  updating my login/password spreadsheet to all the accounts i have created online. whether it be bills, stores, emails, etsy account...the list can go forever.
feeling:  AWESOME!
missing:  nothing, no one!
thankful:  for a husband who went to work for 4 hours this AM, gets home with groceries and makes me a delicious breakfast and some STRONG coffee.
weather:  BI-POLAR; cold, hot, warm, cold....BLAH!
praying:  everyday for the same people. the ones i love the most.
needing:  a new TV for the workarea. one with a DVD player so i can watch gilmore girls all day and who's the boss :) oh and Uggs! oh and Christmas shopping. hoping to get it done on wednesday. from 8-2:30!
thinking: i need better organization for this workspace.
loving: sophie and her cheer team! abby and her need for MOM. david and his patience. my new work desk. my new bath soap and robe. loving friends. the idea that david and i have a couple of date nights this month.

and you?  what are you up to?

i think i'll make this a weekly Sunday post.
i know i said no blogging on sundays but if there's time, why not!

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