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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

back to a routine

hi there!

i know you're thinking its wiww, but to be quite honest i hardly got dressed over the winter break. my girls and i would lounge all day in pj's relaxing. it was their winter break from school and i wanted to make sure they were able to rest. next week, i promise a wiww edition :)

overall, the holidays were wonderful. i got way too many nice gifts but what mattered the most was that my family was with us on Christmas Day. My brothers, mom and Dad all came over for a Christmas breakfast, exchange of gifts, and fun times. here are some pics!

family pic! i am very blessed. 
with my MIL! 
Christmas AM. Very fortunate, we are. 
pots and pans! it was time for a new set. 
i love the expression on my face! i had been wanting the perfect printer to print the best documents for paper passion!

the hubby and i also celebrated 9 years of marriage. we shared an intimate evening at a very yummy restaurant, we exchanged gifts of leather. a coach wallet for him, western boots for me. he's the best husband in the world!

i was also able to squeeze in some time for work. 

the holidays are now over and its time to get back to routine, set goals and make them happen!
Creative Connection 2012! I hope to go this year. I have to work extra hard because the fees to attend are pricey, plus flight and hotel! I know it will happen. I'm excited for all there is to learn there. 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful Hump Day :)


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