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Friday, January 13, 2012


It's Friday and in the blogging world, InstaFriday. I'm linking up over at Life Rearranged
If you are new to the blog, InstaFriday is where I post the pics I take with the Instagram app on my iPhone. It's a pretty powerful app and was actually voted Top App in 2011.
 I don't know who voted but I agree.

Here we go!

 the hubby got the original Mario Bros on the Wii. I feel like I should invite friends to come over to play. No more blowing into the game cartridge or standing super close to the TV because the remotes weren't wireless back then. I've played it several times and I played much better when I was younger.
I'm getting old :(

i love these toppers. the perfect toppers for a mickey/minnie party. 
it brings me great joy to see my work at birthday parties that we attend. 

 the kids playing Mario Kart. I couldn't stop laughing at them. its looks very awkward, seeing them with their wheels, making faces at the tv. look the big kid's face, aka hubby!

i love any kind of soup. and so when i try new soups i like to take a picture of it and then note where its from. if i like it, chances are i'll order it again. this specific tortilla soup was alright. i saw that chick-fil-a has a spicy tortilla soup. and today just happens to be CFA Friday in our household so i may just get it. 
CFA Friday is ChickFilA Friday, we eat CFA for dinner every Friday.

thank you for stopping by. and to the loyal reader that comes here everyday THANK YOU.
i hope you enjoy the blog and if you do i'd like to know.
i always like to know how I'm doing, if i'm doing the job i love correctly. 

have the best weekend! 

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