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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

workspace tour!

the hubby has once again made me one very happy wife. he saw the need for organization and more actual workspace inside the paper passion/blossom workshop so he got to work. he installed 2 cabinets with drawers and doors to hide all the junk valuables. he then installed white countertops. instantly, the room looked very different. i actually had more space to work. at this point, the room the is complete. except for a some minor repairs, like caulking, i am ready to start work. i spent a couple of $ on some organization totes and bins for elastic, flowers, adhesives. i also had to find the most perfect knobs for the cabinetry. 
want a tour? here we go! 
tour will be from left to right. 
 above is my banner. what you see below the banner is the entrance to the laundry room. i have a desk in there where we keep bills, files, the junk drawer. you can't really but inside the laundry room, hanging on the left side wall is where i hang all my purses/totes. at one point the entrance was sorta blocked because of the purse/tote collection so my hubby said if i didn't solve the issue he would do it himself. well, as of yet, i have not solved the issue and neither has he. 
entrance to the right, a mirror that was gold i painted black. i love it. 
entance to the left is the hall to the room. can you see the scarves? i hang them and some more purses along the wall. i already have a solution to the scarf addiction, i just need to get it done. 

 next to all the scarfs is the invite board and my guest chair, which is going to get painted this week. above the chair is the ribbon holder. i actually need another one of these. directly in front of the chair, next to the ribbon holder, is my desk, with some nice smelling crystals and a display of all things Blossom.
 the workspace. ahhhhh. i can hear the angels singing. behind my red desk chair is the workspace to the left of the room. some countertop space for work and then shelving to hold and display all my tools/materials. 
at the window (which i don't like because it hides the view to the pool) are some bins, again for organization. next pic is the workspace to the right of the room. i know this pic is not great. it probably 1/4 of the workspace. but its pretty much the same thing as the other side, with shelving on top. 
this is the computer workspace. this is the part of the room where there should be a closet but when we built the house i knew what i wanted and that was not a closet. i have a hanging organizer for paperwork. in the middle is the computer where i spend a lot of time. to the right of the computer work area is my print wall. i am filling it up with many prints (all inspirational of course). i have prints waiting for framing. 
soon, they'll go up.
knobs! i'm sorta obsessed with knobs and pulls. i wanted both cabinets to have a different set of knobs/pull. i'm excited to have the hubby put them up. knobs/pulls can add so much to a room where there is cabinetry. 

i hope you have enjoyed the tour. 
being in here is so relaxing. i love my room. 
the other day, a client who i had just met came over to put an order and she didn't want to leave. 
she wanted to stay in the room because she said she felt at peace being in here. 

all i need is a bed and i could literally sleep and work in here. 
but that won't happen, i need my hubby next to me every night. 

thank you for stopping by. 

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