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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

another coffee chat

pretend we are having coffee together. 

this is mine right now. it's almost empty. time for a refill. 

first things first...

current (i've had his crush for a long time) celebrity crush, alexander skarsgard!

who is your crush? and is your significant other ok with the crush? david, the hubby, thinks i'm silly. the other day we were watching some super bowl event and he (below) came out and i screamed, "he's so hot". realizing what i said i turned and said to him, "well he is, sorry, but so are you my love". 

so, what's new? i love reality TV. what shows are you currently watching?
my list:
Tori Spelling
excited for the new season of Bethenny Frankel

oh, shoot hold on, doorbell!

ok, i'm back. 

so, my little one, even though she isn't so little, she wears the same shoe size as her older sister, asks WHY a lot. sometimes it can get a bit annoying. especially when she asks questions like "why does she have to go to school?" or "why do her mama and papa live in another city?" but seriously she asks a lot of them. are your kids the same way or is my abigail lorelai just way too inquisitive? but then i start thinking that I AM the exact same way. i ask a lot of questions. i always keep my questions to myself, jotting them in my journal. here are 2, maybe you can answer them. 

why is gas so ridiculously expensive? the hubby tries to explain and when he's done i still have the puzzled face. 

this i have thought about for a long time, why aren't there seat belts on school buses? 
i just recently learned why a school bus is yellow. 

oh and why is it that something always has to happen for things to change? i think about that the most. example: death of a loved one and a family reunites or they slowly start to separate. just an example. 

and why is it that i'm too nice? things definitely have to change in that dept. i never wanted to be the person that thinks well i treat you the way you treat me but unfortunately, and i say this very sadly, it has to be done that way with some. mom and dad always taught me to treat others they way i would want to be treated but again, unfortunately, not everyone was raised to think and do that way. 

love and light! 

today is a new day, a better day. 

thank you for the talk! (really we should do it in person next time, LOL)

and thank you for stopping by. 


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