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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


and welcome to another edition of wiww. some of you readers may be new so let me explain wiww (so that you won't think that SEL just loves to snap pics of herself). wiww (acronym for what i wore wednesday) is the post i do every wednesday basically to keep accountable for me getting out of my PJ's. By the way I blog in my PJ's then I go shower and get ready for my day. what happens: my oldest daughter takes a pic of me everyday, either i remember or she remembers. she takes a pic of me, preferably in my work studio, then i gather up all (the most i've done is 3/week) pics and post about them once a week. it's fun, especially on days when i don't know what to wear, i simply go back to older posts and just copy the same outfit. yes, i cheat in that way. sometimes i just don't have time to pull an outfit together.

let's get started:
oh and if you're out there commenting that Sel takes pics of herself and consider this post a joke then please do me a favor and stop reading, then get a LIFE! sorry, had to share...

 top: Gap
jeans: New York and Co
Shoes: Gap
Scarf: Gap
 Cardigan: New York and Co
Tank: The Limited
Jeans: Old Navy
Tennis: Nike Shox

Sweater: New York and Co.
Jeans: Forever 21
Scarf: Target
Boots: Uggs

As you can see it's all about keeping it comfy and casual. Not glamourous whatsoever. I'm excited to fold up all my sweaters and cardi's and put them away til next winter. I'm so ready for shorts and sandals. However, I will miss my scarfs. I love them all.

So new to the shop this week are more Blossom Bands in even more colors!
I'm working on a Dukes of Hazzard themed party! FUN!

Tmrw I will post on Sophie's 9th Birthday Party! I keep getting many requests and questions regarding this party. Full-blown post tmrw all about it. Stay tuned!


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