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Friday, February 10, 2012

instaFriday (2 weeks worth)

i'm convinced i need the new iPhone because this old 3G isn't cutting it anymore. it doesn't have flash, pics aren't crisp, and geez everyone has the new one except Sel. i know, i know, be grateful for what you have. i know. and i am. but i would be even more grateful if i had the new one, just saying'!

instafriday. it almost didn't happen. bed, comfy. but i really do have to get my day started. no time for sleep.  i made a collage for this instafriday. the pics speak for themselves but i'll gladly explain.

starting left-right: (i know two of the shots on the right hand side don't fully appear. simply click on collage for full view).

exhibit a: journal, abby's 7th birthday planning. clean sheet. i love a clean sheet. remind me to take a pic day after party. messy, messy sheets.

exhibit b&c: NSYNC, who doesn't love those boys. REUNION, REUNION, REUNION! so happy my girls love their music. and so happy XM plays it all the time.

exhibit d: Abby monkey at gymnastics. first time there. she gets her uniform today. she's excited. awe, my little annoying monkey.

exhibit e: a pastry shop opened up like 1/10 of a mile from my house. and it also happens to belong to a great friend of mine. so guess what Sel does. she visits often and sometime during the visit Sel buys cupcakes acting as if the world is going to end, gets in the car, eats one, and then waits 1 min to eat another, kidding. i only eat ONE, per day! that's my weakness, cupcakes. cupcakes and expensive purses, shoes, scarfs. valgame!

exhibit f: pretty chair. i want. i need! customers would love to sit here. if i buy it would you come, sit and chat? i promise not to take a pic of you sitting on it. wink, wink...

exhibit g: crazy amiga (Countess) and daughter. well not really daughter but i treat her as if she was. no looking at boys. no talking to boys. wait is he hot, ok go! hurry!

exhibit h: coffee! seriously just stick me with an IV full of it.

exhibit i: i told the countess i would go with her to a Kenny rogers concert, don't even know if the old man tours, but only because she said she would join me for a neil diamond concert. i know for a fact neil, yes old man too, still tours.

exhibit j: daddy! awe :) he joined us at a tejano dance so Sel had to be on her best behavior. well not really.

and last but not least, exhibit k: DO NOT TOUCH THIS EXHIBIT! mr. george. tickets for his roping. not real into roping except for the ropers, oops, did i just type that. well its that truth and i don't lie. cute ropers and the only time i can get super close to mr. george and shake his hand and tell him i love him. ok, i don't tell him that but i want to. so excited to go. we have the best time. me & my comadre. oh yea, the hubbies go to. daughter is joining us this year. her one chance all year to find herself a real cowboy. let's see how that goes. biting nails.

so that was instafriday, pics taken with the instagram app on my shitty iPhone.

see you sunday for "right now"!

thanks for stopping by.

P.S. the whole exhibit thing, totally PeeWee Herman inspired. you know the one where they steal his super cool bike.


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