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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

right now...

i'm feeling very well rested. i kind of have to. so much to do.
sophie and i had BLAST at the CheerPower competition. i absolutely love being a cheer mom. and i was very much inspired to get on the ball about my weight and lose some of it. cheerleaders have these perfectly toned bodies. i want that. i was a very proud mom at the competition. i was beaming.
big smiles and lots of words of encouragement.

yup, that's me. and my spirit shirt!

now that we are back and i'm well rested i MUST get back to work. 
there's so much to do and prep for. next week i will have a booth at the LIFE fair. 
i'm excited for that event. 

watching: nothing. the today show is on my tube but in order to get me moving in the AM i listen to music. currently my iTunes is on shuffle. just listened to frank sinatra and now some guns n roses...
eating:  nothing.  
drinking:  extra bold, dark roast coffee! my favorite is the emeril k-cup
wearing: dark gray PJ's. but i want to be wearing this. 
this is my fashion inspiration for the day. 

avoiding: nothing really.  
feeling:  happy, excited. 
missing: ...
thankful: for work. 
weather: beautiful. 
praying: morning and night, just like my facial cleansing routine. 
needing: a haircut, new tennis shoes, to go get the puppy's food...
thinking: of the beach. also i think its time to dye my hair. i really don't want to but clearly the gray hairs on my head leave me no choice but to cover them up. 
looking forward to: the LIFE fair, a weekend trip with friends, my birthday, a trip to the spa and some warm weather! 
loving: our family photoshoot pics. 
clearly, i'm a proud wife and mom. never knew love and heartbreak til i met this man. 
heartbreak? yes. its complicated. well it was. 12 years ago when we first met. 
now, no heartbreak. my heart is very content, full of warmth and comfort.
this pic...because 2 people fell in love and are still very much in love. 

so, what are you doing right now?


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