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Monday, February 6, 2012

hello monday

i love mondays. and fridays. i used to dislike sundays but now i love them. just knowing i don't have to actually get dressed so early and head to work to work for someone else the next day makes it all better. 

so hello monday and all the wonderful things that come with it. 

hello to baby shower chick invites. 

hello to christening invites for a special baby girl. 

hello to more blossom bands. got even more colors & prints. 

hello to this weather that should hang around all week, which means it is no longer is bi-polar. 

hello to a new print that's going on the fridge, 10 best healthy foods out there.
salmon. need to eat more of that. 

hello the RHoBH Reunion part 2 and RHoOC Season Premiere :) Tuesdays are about to get even better. 

hello to making a pit stop at hobby lobby this AM for some inspiration.
there's something about fabric that i find very inspiring. 

speaking of fabric, hello to getting my hands on the perfect fabric for abby's 7th birthday party. 

hello to the new paper passion & blossom fans on FB. thank you to those for the sweet compliments. 

hello to finding vendors for stationery. this is exciting. 

what are you saying hello to on this gorgeous monday AM?

hope you have a great Monday!


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