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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blossom Bands

So, this AM I went back to sleep after the girls got dropped off at school. This is the 2nd time I do that since paper passion & Blossom became my "full-time" job! I was so tired from yesterday's rush of Blossom Bands and also tired from Monday and Tuesday. And so because I fell back asleep and woke up in time for lunch with a friend, I am posting on this gloomy Thursday evening. 

Today's post is all about the Blossom Bands!

It is simply a hair tie. Like the Goody black ones they sell at the supermarkets in the hair accessory aisle. Except the one I make and sell is made from a super stretchy elastic and it comes in a rainbow of colors! 

my two models. the top pic is a Blossom customer wearing hers in a long loose ponytail. The bottom pic is my daughter, Abby, sporting one in her favorite color, purple. 

As you can see, all ages can sport them. 

Now, after several weeks of wear it will look like this:

That's mine. I've worn it for several weeks already.

Now, to get it back to it's original shape you simply run your hot iron through it. 
Like up above. 

end result: a flat Blossom Band, looking new :)

These ties will last a long time. 
The material is very soft so it won't break or damage your trends. 
Best part, you can wear it all day and when you want to let your hair loose there is no ugly mark. 
Another, best! they come in a ton of pretty pretty colors. 
You must stop by my workshop to look thru my huge silver bowl that is full of them. 
Check the Blossom FB page daily for specials. 

thanks for reading! 
tmrw, 2 weeks worth of instafriday :)


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