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Sunday, February 26, 2012

right now...

watching: the E! live from the red carpet. I love to see the beautiful dresses. 
eating:  waiting on some delicious brisket cooked by the hubby.  
drinking:  PEPSI! my favorite. no ice, just really cold. 
wearing: totally mismatched lounge wear. cost pants and a long sleeve tee in shades of gray. 

I TOOK A BREAK! The BFF called and that means PAUSE. 41 mins talking. YIKES! Just finished dinner and now I'm back!

avoiding: getting a haircut and dying my hair. i don't want to but i know i have to. you can really see my white hairs. 
feeling:  blessed and happy! 
missing: ...
thankful: for work. 
weather: such a beautiful day. opened all the windows and let the wind come thru the house. 
praying: morning and night, just like my facial cleansing routine. 
needing: some new tennis shoes. and i need to order large prints of our family photos just don't know who to go with. so many good choices online. 
thinking: i'm going to have busy weekend of TV viewing next weekend. This week's TV shows will get DVR'd. 
looking forward to: the LIFE fair, a weekend trip with friends, my birthday, a trip to the spa and some warm weather! 
loving: the hubby. today he left for work early, came home to cut the grass, made some BBQ, and is now welding. what energy drink does he gulp? man, he never stops. HE's THE BEST! 

what i need to finish tonight:

18 colors, 90 yards!
when done they will join all their little buddies inside the BIG silver bowl! (below)

I want to do a contest to see who can guess how many bands are in the bowl but i don't have time to count. 
Next time I promise! 
All this is for the LIFE fair. 

Hope you can make it!

thanks for stopping by! 

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