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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

right now...

i'm tired. very very tired. i need a massage. a facial. an eye treatment. and somehow i feel that maybe taking a run will help me feel better. with the help of a friend i was able to complete a HUGE order. biggest order in paper passion history. the invites came out beautiful but my fingers do hurt and my brain is fried. i'm happy that it is over and done with and i'm ready to tackle on more work. but first can i go to the spa?

right now:

watching: the today show. matt might get replaced with ryan seacrest. but matt demanded more $. let's see if he gets it. 30 million a year. INSANE!!!!! 
eating:  nothing.  
drinking:  extra bold, dark roast coffee!
wearing: PJ's. 
avoiding: folding some laundry. i wish it would fold itself. 
feeling:  eh, tired. but no time for that. i have to finish 2 more orders and pack for a FUN wknd of cheering with Sophie! Tonight we are decorating her megaphone :) 
missing: my mom. we shopped on saturday for an hour and it was the best hour i've spent with her in a long time. i foresee some more fun hours with her this wknd. 
thankful: for work. 
weather: yea, I'm done with the cold. i want warmer weather. swimming weather.  
praying: morning and night, just like my facial cleansing routine. 
needing: a haircut, new tennis shoes, and SLEEP!
thinking: vacation. but in reality the next couple months will be hectic. major plans in the works. 
looking forward to: these next couple months and some warm weather! 
loving: the hugs and kisses from my little ladies and the hubby this AM before they went off to start their day. 

so, that's what happening right now! 
what are you up to right now?

much love,

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