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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


i'm back for another WIWW edition. i was able to snap 1 pic and that's because sophie remembered and she caught me in the middle of working.

tunic: target
jeans: gap
scarf: gap
shoes: dillards

super simple and super comfy. i was wearing a head scarf but this pic was taken late and i had a headache so the headscarf came off early. 

now, i found some really cute outfits on polyvore that are very inspiring. 

the bracelets...ahhhhh, I LOVE!!! i found and I'm so tempted to buy!
i love those boots. they scream badass!

i'm loving the tee, scarf, jeans, nail polish.
purse and jewelry not a fan of. 
shoes are alright. 

i want this whole outfit. i wish it was in my closet. 

everything except the shoes.
that handbag, i LOVE!!!!

i am ADDICTED to polyvore. its very distracting. 
but it really is a place for inspiration. 

notice all the outfits include a scarf. 
i have a scarf addiction. 
my favorite are lightweight, prints and silk. 
i'm not a fan of those chunky ones with too much hanging from them. they're so distracting. 
the more simple, the better. 

so that's this weeks WIWW. 

i've got to get back to work. 
i'm done with over 500 blossom bands. thank you to the hubby who sat with me for about 10 mins to help me complete them. after ten minutes he complained his fingers hurt. what a baby!

coming up: some mod money party printables and a sweet flower 
and butterfly invite for a super cute 1 year old! 

have a great day!


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