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Thursday, January 12, 2012

another DIY project

i'm hoping to get at least one DIY project a week. This week I've made 2 and it's Thursday! I think i'm on a pretty good start. 

so one thing i love is home decor. for home decor i go to pier 1, tj maxx, homegoods(San Antonio), and World Market. I especially love World Market and Pier1. 

On Black Friday I stepped into World Market for Christmas gifts and decided to purchase some placemats and napkins to use after Christmas. Well, my luck they only had 1 napkin to match. I needed 2 but I bought that 1 anyways.  

Fast-forward to last week. I removed all Christmas decor and started to put the house back to normal. I don't know why this happens but every year after Christmas decor is taken down the house seems so blah and I swear it doesn't feel like before, before the Christmas decor went up. Get me? Apparently, other people feel the same way. I thought I was abnormal til i started asking and turns out my friends are abnormal as well normal. Moved some things around, put up my new placemats with old napkins i had. My 1 napkin was tucked in the napkin drawer til this week. 

Fast-forward to this week, Monday. Because I still felt the house was a little blah, i got in the car and the auto-pilot took me to Pier 1. i was planning on going to kirklands but the car thought differently. pier 1 scares me a little because it's kinda pricey and once you see something, it's like you HAVE to HAVE to it, regardless $$$. while there, i decided to check out the napkins, you know just in case they had some to match my placemats. Well they did and they only had 1 of the design i liked. my bad luck. i bought it anyways because it was .98, super deal! i figured if i didn't use it in the kitchen i could make a hair flower with it. after all, its just fabric. 

then the lightbulb turned on. i really like both napkins, both from different stores so i said i HAVE to do something with them. i figured i could get both, cut them in half, sew the halves together and taddah, 2 BEAUTIFUL HANDMADE NAPKINS. truly, one-of-a-kind. no one else in the whole wide world has a pair like this. 

below are the pics. from start to finish, in that order. and they aren't that great either because i took them with my ancient iPhone, but hey it works.

the yellow is from pier 1 and the red-orange is from world market. and both were .98! 

 all done. and as you see, it's several napkins in one. all together 3 napkins, of course 1 is half/half. 
back on the bar countertop. it's where the girls eat their meals. but, and don't get weird on me when i say, THEY AREN'T ALLOWED TO USE THE NAPKINS. it just for decor. WHAT? I said don't get all weird on me. i already told you i'm abnormal and by the way my girls love to use paper napkins. after all, it's their only option. 

placemats: World Market
napkins: Pier 1 and half of 1 napkin from World Market.
napkin rings: world market

I'm a fan of placemats and napkins/napkin rings. i think it adds so much in certain places. i do not use them on my dining table, solely on the bar countertop. and i buy more placemats to use around the kitchen. 

thank you for stopping by. i hoped you enjoyed this DIY project.
i'm already brainstorming for next week's project. 


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