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Thursday, January 19, 2012

botany 101 (DIY)

Did you know? 

Indoor plants not only add beauty to our living rooms, but also help in the reduction of air pollution, noise pollution, etc. They also act as de-stressing agents. There are many more benefits of having indoor plants. The most important benefit of indoor plants is their ability to absorb carbon dioxide. In return they emit oxygen in the surroundings. It helps in cleansing the air. They also absorb harmful chemicals and toxins. Plants are also known to have de-stressing effects on the mind. The green color that the plants possess relaxes the mind. Indoor plants also act as filters that absorb noise. It helps in the relaxation of nervous system, which is under tremendous stress throughout the day. 

Sel, why are you giving us a lesson on indoor plants? Well because I love indoor plants and so should you. My favorite indoor plant is the gardenia because of it's fragrant smell; however, lots to tender love and care go into making it live and not die. I speak from experience. 

This week I decided to add some indoor plants to my kitchen space. I wanted something different, not just the basic plant in my coffee mug planter. 

I used 3 different plants in on planter.
 I got this idea from my mom who plants many little plants in huge pots for decor around her house. 
This is super simple. And seriously, if you have hands well then you absolutely can do this. 
Buy a planter, pot, whatever. As long as it has a drain hole on the bottom. 
This one is from Michaels, purchased summer 2011 and it was $8. Use coupons!
I love color and this yellow screams, LOOK AT ME!
So, first buy a pot, go to Lowe's (my choice for indoor plants), select different plants (must be indoor plants, found inside Lowe's not outside). Depending on how big your planter is then that's how you base yourself on how many plants to buy. I purchased 3 at 2.98 each. 
So, for under $20, taddah! 

It's purifying the air, de-stressing the environment and looks very pretty! 

See you tmrw!

P.S. In no way does Lowe's pay Sel for advertisement or creative project ideas but they really should be paying me. It would definitely go back to them. I love that place. 

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