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Sunday, January 15, 2012

right now...

right now i am…

watching:  gilmore girls. . i have it on in the living room. season 1. and in my workroom, i'm on season 2 disc 3.
eating:  just finished a barbacoa taco. homemade in the crock pot. 
drinking:  green tea.
wearing: PJ's, socks
avoiding:  dishes. nuff said!
feeling:  like i have to get work done but i need to take a day off. 
missing:  the sun. swimming. 
thankful:  that i get to spend the day tomorrow with my girls since they don't have school. MOVIES!
weather: again, BI-POLAR! 
praying: everyday but more for my mommy :)  
needing:  (December 18, 2011)-a new TV for the workarea. one with a DVD player so i can watch gilmore girls all day and who's the boss :) oh and Uggs! oh and Christmas shopping. hoping to get it done on wednesday. from 8-2:30! UPDATE(today)- well i got a TV :) and a DVD player, it's how I'm watching GG :) UGGS, totally sport them every chance i get. but today i'm needing my hubby because it's cold, i want to snuggle and he has to install some hardware around the house :)
thinking: way too much these days. that's why i write down every single thing/idea that pops into my head. i'm a walking pinterest pin board. 
loving: barefoot moscato more than yellowtail. I'm just not a fan of fizz. and I'm loving how much my girlfriends make me laugh. who needs to work out to burn some calories when you've got girlfriend's like mine who make me laugh, hence burn the calories, like a crazy lady. 

so, that's what happening right now! 
what are you up to right now?

much love,

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