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Monday, January 30, 2012

hello monday

hello to a new week. it's almost february. seriously, time flies and where does it go!

hello to grocery shopping. NOT A FAN. and when the hubby goes he brings home all sorts of junk, not really food to prepare meals with so I HAVE to go. that must get accomplished today.

hello to new material and product that were delivered saturday. i'm expecting more today.

hello to britney spears. got her latest CD from iTunes and i love it all. favorite song on the CD, til the world ends. Sel can dance all day, all night.

hello to 2 weeks of cheer practice, 2 weeks of monday tuesday wednesday friday and saturday practices. my poor baby. the good thing is that she loves it. currently, her heart belongs to cheer. its all she thinks about.

hello to all the new friendly people i have met. so many nice compliments, i feel like i must be doing something right. i knew this all along but my new read says that customer service is #1!

hello to all the talented in Laredo who are running their small businesses. we are all an inspiration to each other. so much talent. PLEASE SUPPORT LOCAL HANDMADE BUSINESSES.

hello to one of the benefits of having Mom live in another city. she went to buy some supplies for me over the wknd in SA. and i love that she is willing to go and shop for my business. SWEET!

hello to a successful family photoshoot over the wknd. i wanted the rustic feel, but i also wanted nature, and of course we are a HILARIOUS family so there are a couple of hilarious shots. Ms. Selika, fabulous photographer but most importantly SUPER nice to her customers and so sweet.

i know its seems so far away but hello WEEKEND!

what are you saying hello to this beautiful Monday AM?

thank you so much for stopping by.

must get to work.

i leave you a pic of me & the hubby at the Brookyln Bridge! I found this site very inspirational. There's so much history to it. And this is what's making me work even harder. I am still waiting to hear from the National Stationery Show. But its in NYC, of course it would be. It's a magical, magical place. Sounds crazy, but I want to retire there. The hustle and bustle, there's nothing like it.

peace & blessings!

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