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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hello tuesday

today is the start of a new week for me. usually the start of a new week begins on mondays but since my girls were off from school yesterday, for us the work and school week starts today. 

today i am saying hello to many things. 

hello to trying new healthy recipes. below is last night's dinner. broiled tilapia (seasoned with old bay), served on a bed of steamed brown rice and steamed green beans. super delicious and easy peasy to make!

hello to AM gardening. 

hello to washing lots of towels & bed sheets. ahhh, clean sheets on the bed tonight, comfort. 

hello to the Valentine's Day Printable Collection in the paper passion shop. Lots of hard work and time went into this collection. I'm very proud. 

hello to prepping for the LIFE event. Brainstorming, gathering ideas, sketches on booth...

hello to being invited to a 31 Leadership event in Chicago but having to decline
 because it coincides with an event that i have to attend. 

hello to BABIES! friends are making and having babies like never before. i guess i'm at that age where all my friends are reproducing. and it's such an emotional, overwhelming feeling. 
especially when friends who have tried for so long are finally pregnant. 

hello to turning 33 in 50 days. it's hard to even think about it. 
but i do have to say being in my 30's has been just GREAT! i want to stay in my 30's FOREVER. 

hello to party planning! no party for me but the hubby will celebrate his 35th with a bash.
 abby has finally agreed to the theme i suggested for her birthday party. 
and sophie is making her own plans for a 10 year old slumber party, no bras involved.

hello to planning and brainstorming on what to do for the hubby and i to celebrate 10 years of marriage. we were thinking of a cruise and then he saw happened this past weekend to that cruise liner off the coast of italy, and so that trip instantly just became just a nice thought.

hello to all my loyal readers. thank you for stopping by to catch up on the what's happening in my world.
what are you saying "hello" to on this Tuesday AM?


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