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Thursday, November 10, 2011

print wall & a $2 valance

Thanks for coming to visit!

earlier this week i said i would post about my print wall. a portion of a wall in my craft room dedicated to my favorite prints. currently, i have 5 prints. i have a list of others that need to be put up. hopefully soon!
i absolutely love what they each say but my favorite was my first print. "she believed she could, so she did". it's my wall for inspiration/motivation.

and now on to my $2 valance. now normally i'm not the type to go to goodwill for anything. i've heard stories of ppl finding "great finds" so i decided to check it out to check if they had glassware that i needed to style an event. it was a pleasant shopping experience. i found lots of items for the event, specifically glassware. i also found a red valance for $1. its from Target and it was perfect for my craft room. using some leftover fabric i made it pretty and fun. look!
it's amazing what a $1 valance, some leftover fabric and some fabri-tac can do!
the leftover fabric is from this.
this is the invite board! all it is, is a long piece of cork covered with fun fabric and taddah! im supposed to hang it on the wall but for now it works. when clients come to place orders they are fascinated by the invites on the board. i still have yet to place several invites that i've done in the past but i just can't seem to find the time to place them on it, you know bc things like blogging and Facebook get in the way.

so there you go! fun ways to make a room come to life. easy peezy! have a good one :)

besos y abrazos

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