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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

wordless wednesday...

in the blog world, there is such a thing called "wordless wednesday". what is that, you might be asking? well i post a pic and basically the pic speaks for itself.

i think this pic speaks way too much...

Christmas present to Sophie from her mama and papa.
My mom purchased this at a teacher supply store in SA. Basically you only see easel's like this at daycares or schools. And my little educator-to-be Sophie has one. She says she wants to be a teacher but I think it's because her imaginary students don't talk back to her or make her life miserable. I tell her it's not something I wish for her but of course they are allowed to become who and what they want. Mom is there for support, not to judge or disapprove.

the week is almost over. sophie is not feeling well. that means, i have to be by her side 24/7. no fun in my craft room for the next couple days :(

hasta manana,

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