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Friday, January 14, 2011

v-day crafting

good evening to all who took time from their hectic lives to visit me!

over 500 page views, AMAZING! hopefully i have inspired you to bring out the creativity in you. we all have it, you just need to dig deep!!! it's just like i would ALWAYS tell my students "you are no different than the north side kids. you all have the same size brain. they just know how to use it". so go out there, research, what is it that you can do be more creative. i dare you to try it.

Sel, what are you doing? i'm glad you asked. working on my v-day wreath. i like to decorate our home based on seasons, holidays, days of the week
, and so now it's time to bring out the red and pink. my husband hates this decor. it just reminds him that he needs to go out and shop AGAIN! can you belive several days after Christmas he already had my v-day wishlist. of course he rolls his eyes and moans and groans but i usually get what i want if not the nagging continues for several months. Mostly it's always me saying "FOLLOW THE LIST". he truly is special. a great catch. honestly, how does he put up with me?

and on that note, don't forget v-day is coming up! what will you buy or make for that special someone? my david will be indulging on homemade brownies, among several other thing.

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