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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

blog name re-vamp

yes, i changed my blog address for several reasons but the main reason is for privacy. no longer will be posting on my family. i love my family but turns out there are people out there who i wish they not know stuff about us.

so, my "new" blog will solely be about me and my crazy, somewhat normal life.

that's all that needs to be said about that.

now on to the FUN stuff. or at least i think it's fun.

i FINALLY found the brownie recipe i had been searching for. it took me a while but it was worth it beacuse i ran across so many other fattening interesting recipes for salty and sweet snack. but BIG thanks to bargainhoot.com for posting southern living's top 60 best loved cookie recipes. of course i had to get my recipe from there. the brownie recipe shall be tested a bit before V-DAY, and if all goes well my hubby will receive homemade brownies, i'm planning to forget he's on this "diet".

also, happening soon: CRAFT ROOM REMODEL
ahh, i can't wait. i went out to chose paint colors last week. currently, the room is very un-organzied, at least by my standards. thanks to IKEA, i am gathering design and organization ideas. IKEA has low shipping so 2 of my big purchases will come from there. oh, how i wish laredo had an IKEA. i'd definitely be in debt but very well organized.

off to do some much needed crafting,

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