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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

on vacation. literally.

i was gone for quite a while. i was on vacation from life, reality. i was able to do so much, hardly spending time in my craft room. i was able to sleep. a lot. i was able to watch TV. play with my girls. bond with my husband. enjoy evening s with my friends. it was very badly needed, this vacation.

but i'm back.

i am starting on a clean slate. the new year is possible my favorite time of the year. i put away all christmas decor before dec.31 and start with simplicity for the new year. i'm looking forward to my trip to pier 1 to see what they have in store for spring.

currently working on 2 designs for invitations for two friends. brainstorming. one is alice in wonderland, the other dallas cowboys baby shower. both cute themes. also working on an interesting project that might take longer than i had planned for. a blank canvas is all i have at the moment. and some paper. i will post pics as my project progresses.

i am also researching for a delicious brownie recipe.

for now, life is great. clean. new year. new goals. new resolutions. loving david more and more each day because i see his greatness and his patience. man, he has some patience, my big guy. love him to pieces.


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