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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

promises, promises...

I recently made a promise to myself. i never do that. and i'm not even sure why i made this particular promise. here it is. FOR 6 MONTHS, FROM MID JANUARY TO MID JUNE, I AM NOT GOING TO PURCHASE ANYTHING FOR MYSELF. by nothing, i mean clothes, shoes, purses. i have a weakness for shopping for these 3. what i have allowed to buy myself is makeup and hair products. i mean if i'm gonna be wearing the same thing over and over, at least my hair and makeup are gonna look good. the last purse i purchased cost me $700 a pretty penny, the last pair of shoes i bought occurred in december, and well the last item of clothing i bought was back in december. so, i'm pretty proud of myself. i didn't think i could do it but actually it's not that hard. i know there are sales everywhere but quickly i remind myself that i can't and really there's no need to because i have a closet full of clothes, shoes, and handbags. but believe me, when mid-june comes around i already know what hangbad i want. and like i said there's really no point to this promise. it's not like im saving for anything in particular. i figured if ever the say came that i HAD to do this, it would be a piece of cake.

ok, so i also allowed myself to make purchases for my crafting. and so i have bought something new and i want to share.
i got it thru amazon because it was no where to be found in laredo. this tool can pretty much do one thing but it's fun to use. and i recently learned that the best way to sharpen a hole punch is to use aluminum foil. so guess what i did sunday. yup, i sharpened all my punches. that took a while.

we are in the process of prepping to sell our home so if i dont blog much its because im busy packing and making the house as clutter-free as possible. but i PROMISE to not ignore my blog. i promise to post everyday as much as i can.


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  1. That's a good promise! I know you can do it :) Maybe I should do the same....