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Monday, July 2, 2012

hello Monday

i'm amazed at my poor blogging skills. i didn't blog for a whole week. thats a definite sign that i don't have time. and i do NEED to make time for it. it's part of my work. it's how people get to know a bit more about the lady behind paper passion & Blossom. So, please excuse my poor attention skills to the blog.


hello to a new day,  a new week. the day is almost over but it is a new day. after writing this post, i will grab a comfy blanket, change into PJ's and throw myself on the couch for some Housewife of NYC drama. 

hello to a great deal on this weeks hair tie special! 

hellooooo to Magic Mike! I was there for the first showing. Not too interested on the plot, however the actors, really really interesting. I was very sleepy the next day but staying up late for the showing was SO worth it. I wonder if they'll make a Magic Mike 2. And I cannot believe that a talking bear beat the hot strippers in $. 

hello to 13 more days for summer vacay! i am anxious to get out of this town. i have a feeling i will fall in love with SD and beg the hubby to ask for a work transfer. 

hello to fun-filled weekend with great friends. baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party! and all surrounded by people whom i love very much. i love celebrations. 

hello to looking forward to this coming weekend. Randy Rogers Band, nuff said! 

hello you all!

what are saying hello to on this first week of July?

thanks for stopping by! 


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