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Monday, May 9, 2011

5 things I love about being a MOM

and in no particluar order...

1. the laughs, silly conversations, the fighting & reminding them to forgive each other, the singing (so loud in the car & while were cooking to everything from The Bangles, Taylor Swift, Frank Sinatra, George Strait, Justin Beiber, Pat Benatar).

2. the clothes, the fashion, all the pink, the jewelry, hair accessories, mani/pedi's together ;) and the fact they love to shop and do all that fun stuff with me

3. all the kisses, hugs, i love you's, i'm sorry mom, please mom, i want this mom...and MOM gives in!

4. thinking that i didn't know motherhood would be so much FUN, always :)

5. knowing that no matter what, if i fail at other things, i've got the 2 BEST accomplishments i have ever made.

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