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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

wiww~what i wore wednesday

Im a bit nervous to try this. I'm linking up with Lindsay over at the pleated poppy, So she came up with this bright idea to take pics of what she wore everyday in an effort to help her get out of her PJ's on a daily basis. Now that I don't have to dress for work, I am able to choose if i want to be sloppy that day or still be stylish. So far, everyday i have been able to get out of my robe by 9am and put on some comfy stylish clothes. I keep makeup to a minimum (only because my stuff is $$$ and im not going to waste if im just going to hang at home) and hair is just air dried and pulled back (no need to use the fancy Chi everyday). I think this is the best part about working from home.

So anyways, back to WIWW. What I will do is take a pic of myself on a daily basis and post them here every wednesday and link back to Lindsay.

Here we go!
ahhh, i love shoes and currently these are my favorite. chubby, big feet. size 10. i like it though. i always find my size and at times, inexpensive!
Cardi: Gap
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Bouchique (online boutique)

Cardi: Gap
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Toms (Nordstrom-free shipping, YAY)
The jeans, yes I bought them torn but I only paid like $10. I remember back in college I bought some jeans at Abercrombie that were torn and cost around $80. Yea, my family made fun of me. I learned my lesson. I really like the torn jean look. It takes me back to my childhood, the 80's!

So, just 2 days! Promise, next week~7 days.
And sorry these pics are not taken by a professional. This is the work of a 9 yr old who loves taking pictures.

pleated poppy


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